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Consulting, experiential marketing and market research for
Health, Wellness & Environmental Organizations.

We bring extensive experience - and success - to Health and Wellness consulting for Nutrition, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device brands and all companies with a vested interest in professional and consumer education and outreach programs.

Experiential Marketing Expertise

Laila Ali wants to Kiss Diabetes GoodBye National Pancreas Foundation

Green Energy TodayOur latest venture is the creation of the # 1 name in Green Energy education and mobilization, the Green Energy Institute of America.

GreenEnergyToday.net showcases some of the great work this organization has done to create a healthier, more sustainable environment.

GEI has helped Not-for-Profits, municipalities and private sector commercial and residential owners realize the benefits of Green Energy. GEI's model showhouses and hands-on consulting have helped many large and small environments improve their sustainability.

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